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June 2019 Archives

A Boost from the Unites States Supreme Court

Property owners' rights got a boost from the United State Supreme Court on June 21. The case, Knick v. Township of Scott, Pa, overturned 34 years of precedent, holding that a municipal ordinance deprived the owner of rights in her property, and most importantly determined that she was able to pursue this claim before waiting for years of State court litigation to conclude. An interesting side note was the concerns expressed by the dissenters, that the failure to follow precedent is a sign we can expect ground-breaking rulings by the Court as it gives less respect for its decisions from the past.

Hill Country ranchers are facing serious threats due to Permian Highway Pipeline

Property owners throughout the hill country voice their concerns over the Permian Highway pipeline which could invade their personal properties. Not only will it destroy natural habits for wildlife and water resources but it is personal for them. It hinders on their serenity and peaceful country life that they have worked their whole life to enjoy. They didn't sign up for this and yet their concerns seem to be ignored. 

I-45 Project still facing much uncertainty and ongoing protests.

Some say this project is a big waste of time that will not fix the congested highways. Houston drivers face the 2nd most expensive commute in the nation. The city ranks as the worst in the National Fatality rate due to drunk driving and excessive speeds. TxDOT believes this project will decrease crash rates by 30%. Others believe the project will cause pedestrians more hardship to commute, and will also put a damper on making our streets and travel by pedestrians safer.

TxDOT's Historical Resources Report Omits Houston's Independence Heights

Despite experts saying that the Houston's Independence Heights "under-the radar" neighborhood "has it all", TxDOT's most recent impact report on the North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP);which has been being planned for over 14 years, has gaping omissions. TxDOT did not consider the impact it would have on tearing down 44 properties, including 31 residential homes, and an historic African American church which has been the cultural foundation of this community for over a century. Hundreds of residents are facing displacement. The survival of African American communities in Houston is in imminent danger not only because of eminent domain, but also due to the negative impact of flooding. The Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church was finally rebuilt in 2016 after being damaged during Hurricane Ike, and now the NHHIP is going to condemn it.

Creating a succession plan for your business in Texas is smart

You run your own business and have used that business to support your family for much of your life. Since you've had success in that business, you have assets. That means you've probably already taken the wise step of planning for the end of your life by creating an estate plan. No doubt, in your estate plan, you address whom you would like the businesses ownership to pass to.

Business law: 3 structure options for your Texas business

On the road to becoming a successful business owner in the state of Texas, you will face many important decisions. One of the earliest and most critical decisions involves choosing how to structure your company in terms of business law. Because there are several different types of legal structures to choose from, new entrepreneurs find this decision particularly challenging.

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