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The term "eminent domain" generally refers to the legal authority of a governmental entity or in some cases a private utility company, legal authority to force a private landowner to sell his or her real property for public use or for use as a utility right of way for the public convenience. When this occurs, the entity must pay the landowner just compensation. The authority for condemnation through the exercise of eminent domain is delegated by specific legislatively enacted statutes to state agencies, political subdivisions (i.e. cities, counties and special districts). Some private entities most often utility companies are allowed to take land in this manner to fulfill a public purpose. The takings though are subject to constitutional restrictions.

If the landowner refuses to voluntarily sell his or her property, Texas law allows the taking of the property through a condemnation proceeding.

Showalter Law Firm has Protected Thousands Of Land Owners In Property Rights Matters

Showalter Law Firm uses substantial databases of information and experience with thousands of land owners in property matters to help you level the playing field. Our strategies for proving value and damage to your property are designed to obtain your maximum reasonable recovery. The firm utilizes a team of highly qualified professionals experienced in real estate appraisal, land use and economic factors affecting property owners.

At your first notice that your property may be taken through eminent domain, remember the entity taking the land is NOT WORKING FOR YOU. Protect your rights, call Showalter Law Firm as soon as you receive notice that your property is under consideration for seizure by condemnation by a state or municipal authority. Call 888-627-4042.

Showalter Law Firm realizes each parcel of land is unique. Your property can not necessarily be valued by comparing the sales prices of other properties. Your property must be analyzed to determine the highest and best uses of your property, present land use plans that evidence feasible uses, and consider the effect of taking your property on the rest of your property. Consideration must be given to the relocation expense and business disruption of your home or business. To protect your interests, it is vital that you begin at the first notice of the contemplated taking, formulating a strategy for dealing with the taking of your property.

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